Remote Control to a Mac always displays "session ended"


When remote controlling to a Mac OSx agent: -

  • KRC viewer displays "connecting" for a few seconds, then "session ended"
  • latency indicator appears to show that some data is being transferred
  • this behaviour occurs consistently when connecting to a particular OSx agent (it does not affect other agents on the same remote network)


A temporary file left over from a previous session is causing KRC component to crash.


A fix will be inlcuded in the next major release of Kaseya VSA (R9.2, scheduled for Q4, 2015).

Workaround (for customers using R9.1 or earlier versions): -


1) check if there are any files in the /var/tmp folder on the Mac called com.kaseya.rcshm_x (where X is a small number, for example com.kaseya.rcshm_1)
2) if so, delete them using below command: -

sudo rm /var/tmp/com.kaseya.rcshm_*


Attempt remote control session again. If it still fails, please open a Kaseya support ticket and provide KRC logs from both viewer and agent machine.

Applies to

Kaseya Remote Control (KRC) - R7.0, R8.0, R9.0, R9.1

Apple OSx

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