Command key stops responding when using KRC from Mac OSx to Windows


When using KRC from Mac OSx, the command key sometimes stops responding on the "viewer" machine. For example, pressing command+tab no longer allows switching between active windows.


This symptom may occur when KRC window is active, because the key sequence is captured by the Remote Control viewer and sent to the agent. In this case, the behaviour is by design.

However, a problem has been documented where command key becomes unresponsive in the following circumstances: -

  • multiple KRC windows are opened from Mac viewer to Windows agents
  • one of the KRC windows is closed
  • after this, command key is unresponsive on viewer Mac, even when KRC is not the active window
  • the command key only becomes active again after closing all KRC windows


This article will be updated when a solution is available.

Applies to

Kaseya VSA - R9

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