Remote Control connection failures using VSA R9


  • when using Kaseya Remote Control (KRC) on VSA R9, connection fails to many agents
  • KRC viewer displays "connection lost" or "machine not online"



A fix for this issue has been released -

To apply the fix, do the following:

  1. Download and re-run the Kaseya Server Setup (
  2. Select the addons upgrade option (not VSA)
  3. Step through the installation wizard.
  4. On the Addon Installation wizard page, select the Kaseya Patch Process addon (make sure the checkbox that the "Kaseya Patch Process" at the bottom of the add on list is checked)
  5. Complete the steps of the installation wizard

Please note that you will have to schedule an update of the agents to for this patch to complete. To do this, 

1. go to Agent > Update Agent page
2. select the "Force agent update" option
3. schedule update of all agents

For more details on the Patch Release Process, please read this article:

The list of fixes in each Patch Release is available here:


Applies to

Kaseya VSA - R9


Further investigation

If the problem persists, refer to these resources for further troubleshooting steps: -

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