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Best practices: When should I use VSA Write File and VSA URL?


What is the difference between VSA Write File and VSA URL?


VSA Write file and VSA URL are two unique settings only available with Kaseya Software Deployment. These two features dictate how Agents using Software Deployment, obtain the program install files.

With VSA Write File enabled, users are getting the file directly from the Kaseya server. The Kaseya server downloads the install files from the internet and then transfers them to the local agents. If there is a file source configured, the Kaseya server transfers the files to the file source and then the file source transfers the files to the endpoints.

With VSA URL enabled, users are getting the install files via http to download the installer files from the Kaseya Server. If there is a file source configured, the file source will get the files via http and then push it out to the endpoints.


Download files are stored locally on the Kaseya server in the following directory :




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