Why when using Distribute File Script to several machines causes VSA Server to lockup for a length of time?

KB#:  KKB000389


Using the Distribute File function from the Scripts Tab to several machines causes the VSA Server to lockup for a length of time.

The Distribute File function takes effect and checks the list of files during a full checkin. The transfers will therefore depend on whether the Agents need to checkin (e.g. if a script is set to run, or alarm candidates for monitoring are sent up, etc.). If many agents are checking in, it could tie up the network bandwidth on the server side until the server can work through the distribution.



The Distribute file function is meant for relative small files (not many files of many MBytes). A script would provide better control with scheduling. Applying a bandwidth throttle from the Agent tab -> Check-in Control page to the Agents is another option.



Core - Scripts / Distribute File


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