Why are all agents going offline unexpectedly?

Why are all agents going offline unexpectedly?

Multiple messages in Kserver log reporting agent connections "failed with error -12" or "failed error -15"

Rapid database growth

General performance problems

Conflict between the kserver trying to write event logs into the database while archiving is removing them

Kaseya has released a hotfix or hotfixes addressing this issue: -

1) Click the Get Latest Hotfix button under System > Server Management > Configure

2) When it completes checking, click on the Reapply Schema link under System > Server Management > Configure (some hotfixes require DB schema updates to take effect)

3) When reapply schema completes, hover over the button again to check the hotfix level you are on and then click Get Latest Hotfix again. If the hotfix level changes again repeat these steps until it stays at the same level (in some cases more than one update is required to get to the latest level)

In some cases you may need to reload the hotfixes if the issue persists.

More Information
There have been some cases where problems have continued even after the hotfixes were applied. In these cases the table containing Event Log data has grown so large before the hotfixes were applied that the archive process was not able to run efficiently. In these cases the only way to recover is to physically clear out the Event Logs from the database. To do this, use SQL Management Studio or Query Analyzer to execute the following SQL query: -

truncate table ntEventLog

(NOTE this will completely remove all historic Event log data from the Kaseya DB)

Applies To
Kaseya Server (v5.0)

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