K-VPN "unable to establish a VPN connection"


  • When trying to start VPN connection to an agent, Live Connect > VPN tab displays "unable to establish a VPN connection".
  • Agent Procedure log contains reports that "StartKpnServer" procedure has failed: -

7:11:09 am 9-Dec-14 StartKVpnServer - windows7-2.root.unnamed System
Script Summary: Failed THEN in step 4
7:11:09 am 9-Dec-14 StartKVpnServer - windows7-2.root.unnamed System
FAILED in processing THEN step 4, Execute File, with error File or Directory Not Found, c:\kworking5\bin\kvpn.exe --dev tun --proto tcp-server --ifconfig



  • The K-VPN application on the agent machine is failing to install.
  • This problem has been documented.



As a workaround, the K-VPN application may be manually pre-installed: -

1) log onto the agent machine

2) from the agent working directory (default, c:\kworking), run kvpn-1.0-install.exe

3) specify the agent working directory as the destination folder



  • Once installation is complete, VPN connection is possible. This needs to be done once on each VPN target agent.
  • This article will be updated when a permanent solution is available.
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