How will the deprecation of NPAPI for Chrome in September 2015 affect Kaseya Live Connect™?


How will the deprecation of NPAPI for Chrome in September 2015 affect Kaseya Live Connect™?



A number of the functions in Kaseya Live Connect require NPAPI plugin support. These components include File Manager, Task Manager, Registry Editor, Event Viewer, VPN, and Command Shell. Kaseya has been working on a replacement for Live Connect, code-named Hydra, that will provide similar functionality on a state-of-the-art architecture which is no longer dependent on third-party applications. Hydra will begin its beta test in the fourth quarter of 2015 and will be released as part of the Kaseya VSA in the winter release in early 2016

Some customers have expressed concern regarding the gap between September 2015 and Hydra’s release date. Microsoft® Internet Explorer®, Firefox® and Apple® Safari® browsers have not announced when they will remove support for NPAPI. Consequently, we anticipate that Live Connect should continue to work properly for the majority of customers using these browsers during this intermediate time period.

However, Google has announced that Google Chrome™ version 45, to be released in September 2015, will deprecate plugin support for NPAPI. Customers who use Live Connect via Chrome may want to temporarily use another browser until the release of Hydra. Customers who must use Chrome may decide to disable automatic updates and remain at Chrome version 43 until Kaseya VSA winter release in early 2016.

Instructions for turning off automatic updates are provided through a KnowledgeBase article:

Finally, Microsoft has announced that Microsoft Edge® will not support NPAPI, but they will continue to ship Microsoft Internet Explorer for some period after Edge is released. Microsoft Edge will only affect customers using Microsoft Windows® 10; however it is possible to use Internet Explorer® in Windows® 10.

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