KLC browser plug-in support with Google Chrome


A number of the functions in Live Connect require NPAPI plugin support.  These components include File Manager, Task Manager, Registry Editor, Event Viewer, VPN, Command Shell.

Issue #1

Google Chrome blocks installation of any extensions that are not hosted on the Chrome Web Store

Live Connect plugins are not available for installation from the Web Store.

This affects Live Connect in the following ways: -

1) Live Connect extension will be automatically disabled, and grayed out so it cannot be enabled again


2) when trying to use Live Connect from Chrome, Kaseya will prompt to install plug-ins (even though they are already installed)


Issue #2

Starting with v42 (released in April 2015), Chrome disables NPAPI plug-ins by default. This prevents Live Connect  extension from loading, even though it appears to be installed and enabled on chrome://extensions/ page.

Starting with v45 (released in September 2015), NPAPI support is deprecated. This means it is not possible to use Live Connect in Chrome v45 and later releases.



Kaseya has been working on a replacement for Live Connect, titled Hydra, that will provide similar functionality on a state-of-the-art architecture and will no longer be dependent on third-party applications. Hydra will begin being beta tested in the 4th quarter of 2015 and will be released as part of R12 in January 2016.

Some customers have expressed concern regarding the gap between September 2015 and the release of Hydra. The browsers, IE, Firefox, and Safari have not announced when they will remove the support for NPAPI support and thus we anticipate that Live Connect should continue to work properly for the majority of customers during this time. For customers who use Live Connect via Chrome, they have an option to temporarily utilize another browser until the release of Hydra.  For those who must use Chrome, you may decide to disable automatic updates and remain at version 44 or earlier until the January 2016 (R12) release is available, but please note this is not recommended for security reasons.

The following steps can be used to work around the restrictions mentioned above in Chrome v44 and earlier.

Set "Enable NPAPI" flag

1) enter chrome://flags/#enable-npapi in the Chrome address window


2) click on the "enable" hyper-link - it should now look like this


3) close all Chrome browser windows, and reopen Chrome

If Live Connect had already been installed before Chrome was updated to v42, it should now be possible to use Live Connect. If not, proceed to the next section to manually install the plug-ins.

Install Live Connect extension

1) go to Control Panel > Programs and Features and check if Live Connect is already installed - if not, go to Agent > Update Agent page in Kaseya UI and click "plugin installer" download link, then run the Live Connect.exe file

2) unpack the extension file - C:\Users\[username]\AppData\Local\Kaseya\LiveConnect\LiveConnect-6-3.crx - using a file archive tool such as 7-zip (

NB - Appdata folder is hidden by default, so you may need to set the parent folder properties to display hidden files.

3) in Chrome, go to Tools > Extensions

4) check "developer mode"

5) click "Load unpacked extension" button

6) select the folder you unpacked the extension to in step 1

7) click "Add" button to confirm

8) when the extension is added, you may un-check "developer mode"

It should now be possible to use Live Connect from Chrome, but please note the below warning will be displayed each time Chrome is started. Click "cancel" to ensure the Live Connect extension remains enabled.


You may also see this warning each time a plug-in is loaded. Click on the x at the right end of the bar to close it.


Please note - Live Connect plug-ins are not supported in 64-bit browsers, including Google Chrome.



Kaseya v6.3 and above

Google Chrome v35 and above

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