Unable to send Ctrl+Alt+Del from Live Connect > Desktop Access


Send Ctrl+Alt+Del buttons do not work from Live Connect > Desktop Access session when connected to an agent with Windows Vista/2008 or later operating system. This affects VNC and RDP sessions.



Due to security related changes to the Kaseya 6.5 agent, a group policy is now required on the remote machine to allow sending of the keystrokes.




A fix was inlcuded in VSA patch release which resolves the issue on the following operating systems: -

- Windows 7

- Windows Server 2008 R2

- Windows 8.x

- Windows Server 2012 (all builds)

Patch install instructions can be found here -

Note - for existing agents, updating agents is required to complete the deployment of this patch, using the Agent > Update Agent page. Users should check the 'Force update even if agent is at version' checkbox even if the agent is already up to date. 

 There is still an issue with sending Ctrl+Alt+Del to the following operating systems: -

- Windows Vista

- Windows Server 2008 (pre-R2 builds)

 This has been reported to Engineering and they are working on a solution. Current ETA is the next major release of Kaseya, which is scheduled for end of May, 2014. The current workaround is to use the Remote Control tab, instead of Live Connect > Desktop Access, when connecting to agents with these operating systems.



Kaseya v6.5

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