KLC unable to connect if DNS is unavailable on agent side

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KLC unable to connect if DNS is unavailable on agent side



- Agent check-in policy is configured with a DNS name as the "primary kserver" and an IP as the "secondary kserver"

- primary kserver address can no longer be resolved on the agent machine due to DNS failure

- agent continues to check in using the secondary kserver address, but Live Connect fails with the following error in the "Start KLC" procedure on the agent:



This problem is a combination of the amount of time the DNS look-up takes to fail and the wait time of the browser side. The relay attempts to connect on 3 different addresses (name/IP from System > Configure page, followed by primary and secondary kserver addresses from Agent > Check-in Control) but it tries to resolve any DNS names before attempting the connection. If the DNS lookup takes more than ~6 seconds, the connection will fail due to time-out on the browser side relay plug-in.



The issue will be addressed in a future release of Kaseya.


This workaround can be used to gain remote access to the agent and resolve any DNS issue: -

1) go to Agent > Check-in Control and temporarily change any DNS names for the affected agent(s) to the matching IP addresses - allow 1 or 2 minutes for the change to be applied to the agent

2) go to System > Configure page and temporarily change "external name / IP address of Server" from DNS name to IP address

3) try Live Connect to the agent again

4) once the DNS issue is resolved, reapply the desired configurations



Kaseya v6.3

Kaseya v6.5

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