Terminal and Desktop Access fail to Mac agents after update to latest build



After updating Mac agents to the latest build ( -, the Terminal and Desktop Access functions fail with these errors: -




The issue was found to be with the the KLC agent update procedures. The Mac agent files are not correctly updated, which means there is a binary mismatch between the browser and agent side KLC plug-ins.


Developers are aware of the issue and it will be resolved before the next update to KLC agent files. To fix any agents already affected by the issue: -

1) download this agent procedure file  on the attachment.

2) import it using Agent Procedures > Schedule/Create function

3) run the procedure ("Delete KLC Mac agent") on affected Mac agents

4) when it completes, go to Agent > Update Agent function and submit an update to the agents with "Force update even if agent is at version -" checked

5) after a few minutes you should see a procedure run called "Deploy Live Connect"

6) it should now be possible to use the "broken" features again from KLC

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