In Classic Live Connect VPN connection is established but cannot connect to the remote network


Live Connect > VPN function (KVPN) reports a successful connection, but there is no network connectivity to the remote network (pings do not respond).



The KVPN plug-in is unable to automatically add a route to the remote network on the Live Connect user's computer. This is a known limitation affecting all 64-bit versions of Windows.



The problem will be addressed programmatically in a future version of Kaseya.

Currently, the missing route must be added manually on the Live Connect user's computer. Here are the steps to achieve this: -


1) establish VPN connection

2) check the "assigned IP" of the VPN tunnel. In the above screenshot this is but the sub-net address will depend on the local and remote network addresses. It will always end in .2 though.

3) run the following command from Windows command shell (cmd.exe): -

route add mask

 (where is the remote sub-net address and is the agent side VPN tunnel address. This will be same sub-net as the "assigned IP" displayed in KVPN, but ending with .1 instead of .2).


It should now be possible to ping IP addresses on the agent's network.



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