Browser keeps prompting to update Java plug-in when using Live Connect > Desktop Access


When using Live Connect > Desktop Access function from Chrome or Firefox, the browser keeps prompting to update Java plug-ins.


In Firefox the prompt looks like this: -


In Chrome it looks like this: -



This may occur after installing a Java update if there are still conflicting older Java versions installed on the computer. Please note this is not a Kaseya-related error and the solution provided below is for informational purposes only.



Go to to and click on the red "Verify Java Version" button.

If you see the warning shown below, click in the highlighted link and follow the instructions.


Then visit again to re-verify the Java version. If the above warning is now gone, re-test Desktop Access.

If you still have issues, please contact Oracle/Java support resources to troubleshoot further. 



Kaseya VSA (all versions)

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