Getting logged out when using Classic Remote Control


When using Internet Explorer 9, 10, or 11 you may get logged out when initiating a remote control session via the remote control module > control module > control machine page > select machine name via the link to load VNC. This affects version 7.0 of Kaseya. 


You may be able to correct the issue by attempting the following.

     1. Close all open browsers
     2. Navigate to c:\windows\downloaded program files and delete the kaxremote.dll file. Also, if there is a folder called conflict delete that as well. Note, if your machine is windows 8, these files will only be visible in command prompt.
     3. Run IE as administrator. It will prompt you to reinstall the activex component.

If this does not correct the issue, please try the following. Check the following file path for the libkacm.dll file.


If the file does not exist in this location, please download and save the file within the above directory by adding the following to the end of your VSA URL:

Your URL should look something like this:

Please note this issue has been corrected in version 8.0 of Kaseya.  


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