Remote Control or Video Streaming session error: Kaseya Remote Control Helper Failed to resolve URL?

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Why do the Remote Control or Video Streaming session to a remote site over the Internet the connecting site receives the following error:

Kaseya Remote Control Helper Failed to resolve URL http://<yourserver>/ManagedFiles/VSAHiddenFiles/KRlyCLis.exe ?



The remote control ActiveX control is trying to pull down a helper application from the Kaseya server, but is failing. Check that the machine displaying this message is able to reach the URL mentioned.

Load IE, go to tools -> Internet options -> connection tab -> LAN Settings, and untick the "use a proxy server".

Say okay to that and enter the URL from the error box into IE's Address bar and press enter.

If you receive an error, it means that either you are not able to reach that address (without a proxy), something is blocking that file, or the file is not on the server.

1. Proxy Problem. The ActiveX control that Kaseya downloaded is trying to reach the URL, but at this time it is not proxy aware, so it will not be able to make a direct connection. The only solution to this at the moment, is to use something like the firewalls client (ISA and checkpoint have these). This will sit on the machine, and allow non proxy-aware applications to use the proxy server.

2. A security device is stopping access to the file because it is an EXE. You can test this by making a copy of the file on the server and just change the extension to .txt. The file will be found in c:kaseyawebpagesManagedFilesVSAHiddenFiles. You can then alter the URL to reflect this - if you can download the KRlyCLis.txt, but not the KRlyCLis.exe, then a device is blocking access to EXEs

3. Check c:kaseyawebpagesManagedFilesVSAHiddenFiles, and make sure that the file is in that directory. If not, contact support and they can talk you through replacing the missing file.

4. We have seen a case of this error with a Windows Vista machine which was resolved by running IE once as administrator (by right clicking on the icon and selecting 'run as administrator) and launching an RC session. The session was successful and from that point on it worked even when running IE in the normal way.



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