Why does the remote control of a Mac OS X agent machine fail with 'No matching security types.'?


Why does the remote control of a Mac OS X agent machine fail with 'No matching security types.'?


The Remote Control ActiveX component interacts with either vncviewer or kvncviewer processes which are loaded on the machine initiating remote control, however, the vncviewer process prevents the kvncviewer process from loading. The vncviewer process is unable to remote control Mac OS X agent machines due to the fact it fails to mirror the necessary security types that the Mac remote control session requires.


This is an issue on the RealVNC end. Here are the release notes for the latest enterprise version of RealVNC:

Additionally, this link is provided by RealVNC to document the 'No Matching security types' issue:

According to RealVNC, the root cause of this issue is due to the customer installing the “free” version verses the “enterprise” version of RealVNC. Kaseya provides the Enterprise version on both the Mac and Windows side. Nothing prevents the client from stomping on the KVNC installation by installing the free version on top.

Additionally, the Kaseya Mac Agent Release notes specifically document the following:

Additional customization can now be configured via the RealVNC prefs file. If you wish to install a custom KVNC preferences file, then you will need to push the file into:


The Kaseya default values:







Several combinations exist for security types. An option is not available from the KVNC Menu Bar Pull down to change Reversesecuritytypes due to security concerns. So you have to update the /Library/Kaseya/Preferences/kvncprefs file with the options you want, and then push it down. On next launch/connection, the preferences will be updated. You will have to read the RealVNC Server manual to find all the options you can configure.


Additionally, as a quick workaround, on the Windows machine initiating the remote control session, right-click on the VNC icon in the System tray and choose Close Daemon. Then initiate remote control again.



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