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Error when trying to start VNC session from Vista or Windows 7.


Error when trying to start VNC session from Vista or Windows 7 - "RegCreateKeyEx: Access is denied. (5)".




The remote control components and ActiveX control (kasRmtHlp class) requires elevated administrator privileges to install from within the browser on the Vista/Windows 7 box on which the administrator is initiating the remote control session.
To complete the installation successfully through the browser, without needing to install VNC, launch a web browser by right mouse clicking on Internet Explorer icon and select "Run as administrator" from the popup menu. Starting it this way will give that instance of IE7/IE8 the rights needed by the ActiveX control to create the registry settings for the VNC viewer. The remote control session should then run as it would on any other Windows OS.

Subsequent remote control sessions can then be run from a browser launched normally (i.e. without the "Run as administrator") after the registry settings have been made.


Remote Control Module

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