9.3 Post-Upgrade Checklist

  1. Confirm that all Kaseya Services are running. Open the start menu and search services.msc. Look for the services that begin with “Kaseya” and make sure all are started. If they are not running, right click and select “Start”. If it will not start, contact Kaseya Support for further assistance.
  2. Log into the VSA.
  3. Navigate to System > Server Management > Configure.
  4. Confirm the installed patch level has updated to the latest version available. If there is any kind of inconsistency, contact Kaseya Support for further assistance.
  5. Navigate to Agent > Agents > Manage Agents.
  6. Check if a new kaseya agent version is available. If the agent version is red, a new agent version is available.
  7. Select agents and upgrade by choosing the Manage > Upgrade Agent option or configure Automatic Agent Updates:
  8. Navigate to Security>Configure>Install. If any of the rows indicate that there is an update available then you should proceed to update that agent. This is easily done by selecting the rows and clicking the update action icon
  9. Perform vital business-specific tasks and confirm the VSA is operating as expected. If you have any difficulties or questions, contact Kaseya Support for further assistance.
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