Kaseya Updater Update Instructions Version 10.x


The updater service is responsible for updating the VSA 10.x environment to the latest patch. These instructions show how to update the Updater manually when necessary.

Note: It is not required to update the Updater for each VSA10 patch release.

Begin Installation

Logon as Administrator

Logon to the server running the VSA10.x application (The application server(s))

Note: Backup your VSA 10.x Application Server and Database! Once the updater is installed and the service starts, it will start updating the VSA 10.x application server(s).


Download the Installer

Download the following zip file from: https://slv.vsax.net/update/fullserver.zip

Note: Do not run the installer. This is not necessary to update the Updater Service.


Uninstall the Updater Service

Uninstall the Updater Service from Add/Remove programs.

Install the new Updater Service

Once the Updater Service is uninstalled, open the zip file downloaded above. Copy only the Updater folder to another temporary location.

Run the ServerUpdate_x64 Windows installer package



Once completed close the window.


Verify that Updater Service is Installed and Running

Verify that the service was installed and if it’s not started, start the service.


Verify that VSA10.x is updating

Verify that the new release of the Updater is installed and the updates to VSA10.x are occurring. This can be accomplished by reviewing the recent ServerUpdate_* log in <VSAInstallDirectory>\Logs. Shown below. Typically you will know updates are happening by seeing SQL statements and executables being deployed.

NOTE: The versions may be different than depicted below. What is important is that the current release shows a higher version level. For example, the previous version of the Updater was It now shows that it’s  




When completed, you should see the “Update Complete” in the log.


Verify that VSA10.x is at the Current Release

Log into the VSA10.x UI and navigate to the Server Admin-> Overview and verify that the VSA10.x application has been updated to the recent release.


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