Azure Active User Filtering Guide

Azure Active User Filtering is available for Partners or MME admins. Using the Active User Filtering functionality, you can now Add or Remove the Azure AD of an organization's entries from the table. Dark Web ID supports directory synchronization with Azure through the Active User Filtering feature. Perform the below steps to select the Azure directory type for the list of emails. 

      1. Log into the Dark Web ID portal.
      2. You can go to the Organizations page for a specific organization.  blur-photo.com_1693387141.jpg
      3. Under Active User Filtering, click the Add Directory button to create a sync between your associated organization and an Azure directory. 
      4. A modal window will appear on the screen. Select Azure from the list of active directories.    2.jpg
      5. Once a directory type is selected, provide all the mandatory fields. 6.jpg
      6. Click Add. Ensure you provided a valid email address format, Tenant ID, Client ID, and Client Secret. 
      7. Select the desired custom Group from the drop-down menu and click the Add button. When an organization has Active User Filtering enabled and after successfully uploading a group of Azure active user emails, you will receive daily/monthly notifications related to the selected user group only. This means that users from Azure are the only users that will be monitored. 5.PNGNote: When an organization has active user filtering disabled/removed, the user will receive emails for daily/monthly notifications related to all compromises.
      8. If you wish to remove currently applied active user filtering for the specific organization, use Remove Directory button. 6.png


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