Device Lifecycle Management

With Device Lifecycle Management available now in myITprocess, you are able to manage the complete lifecycle of a device, from procurement to disposal. You can view warranty and device lifecycle information from HP, Lenovo, and Dell.


  • Integration with Integration with IT Glue is required to conduct warranty lookup.
  • The myITprocess organization must be mapped to the equivalent IT Glue Organization.
  • The configuration must have the Manufacturer and Serial Number fields dully filled in IT Glue.


As soon as integration with IT Glue is set up, myITprocesss will automatically enrich IT Glue Configuration table with warranty information from Dell, HP and Lenovo.

To review the device statistics:

  1. To review the device statistics, go to Home page and find IT Glue Devices widget. It will give you a short summary of devices grouped by statuses.
  2. Click on the widget, and it will opens a table with detailed information about configurations for each mapped organization. Select organization from the dropdown menu on the top of the page to see the data.

We conduct warranty lookup automatically based on the Serial number that we retrieve from IT Glue. You will find Purchase date, Warranty and Expiry date marked with manufacturers logo added to the table after the lookup

In case we were not able to get the data from the manufacturer, you will see Expiry date that was added to IT Glue. The Status will be provided based on this date as well. 


To act on time, you can set up Device Warranty Status change. Go to Account SettingsWarranty tab and select how many days before the device’s warranty expires the status would change from Supported to Due soon.Account_Settings.png

Creating a Recommendation

You can create a recommendation for the device listed on the IT Glue devices page.

  1. Select the row of the device for which you wish to add a recommendation.
  2. Select the recommendation template from the Recommendation section in the right panel.
  3. Click Create to add the recommendation.

  4. To add multiple devices, select the checkbox in the row for the devices and click on the Create Recommendation button.


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