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IT Glue Release Notes - V1.118.31- 2024-02-02

New Features

The following enhancements in biometrics authentication have been made in the IT Glue Mobile app for the latest versions (App version 1.11.17 for Android and app version 1.15.1 for iOS) released on 23rd January, 2024:

  • For Android: Fingerprint authentication to unlock your app with the touch of your finger.
  • For iOS: Touch ID and Face ID authentication to login quickly and securely using your fingerprint or facial recognition.

We now have automatic user provisioning via KaseyaOne SSO to enable users in KaseyaOne to have an IT Glue user created automatically.

Resolved Issues

  • Fixed the issue where the user was unable to access the Network Glue configuration.
  • Fixed the issue in Runbooks where all the exported contents were are not visible.

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