12/14/2023 Require Log In with KaseyaOne feature release and content updates

New Feature 

Require Log In with KaseyaOne 

The Require Log In with KaseyaOne feature forces users to login with their KaseyaOne credentials to access BullPhish ID. When the feature is enabled by an organization, users can no longer log into BullPhish ID locally with their BullPhish ID credentials.

Enabling the Require Log In with KaseyaOne feature allows users to authenticate with their KaseyaOne modules using just one set of credentials. This provides a smoother user experience and increased security.

You can select users to whom you want to provide an exception to this requirement. The selected users will be able to log into BullPhish ID with their BullPhish ID credentials while still having the option to log in using the KaseyaOne login method.

The Require Log In with KaseyaOne feature is available on the Organizations > Settings page. KaseyaOne Unified Login must be enabled to enable the Require Log In with KaseyaOne feature.

For more information, see the following articles:

Content updates

  • Chapter 2: Logging into BullPhish ID

This article describes the updated methods for logging into BullPhish ID based on KaseyaOne Unified Login scenarios. The method you use is determined by the following circumstances:

    • Whether KaseyaOne Unified Login is enabled for your organization.
    • If KaseyaOne Unified Login is enabled, whether login with KaseyaOne is required.
    • Whether you have a KaseyaOne account.

The article also includes first-time login and subsequent login instructions.

Updated and new phishing kits

Updated and new phishing kits are now available. Each is listed below (links to updated version/new kit) along with an image of its email template and landing page.


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