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IT Glue Release Notes - V1.118.26 - 2023-12-15

New Features

Wireless Auto-Documentation capabilities are now introduced in the Datto Networking integration where all SSID Networks with a WPA Personal/Pre-Shared Key will have a flexible asset record and associated password created under the Datto Networking Wireless flexible asset type.

Updated Modals/Dialogs across IT Glue. This work is to bring IT Glue in line with Kaseya's common look & feel initiative, as part of IT Complete.

Performance Optimizations: Updates were made to the IT Glue web app that will improve the speed and performance of the web app, reducing load times, and ensuring an overall smooth user experience.

Resolved Issues

  • Fixed the issue in the Offline mode's Security Settings section where the "Save" button was disabled even when the values in the fields were valid.
  • Fixed the issue where workflow emails were not received.
  • Fixed the issue where the scheduled account export always failed to complete.
  • Fixed the issue of duplicate modules of IT Glue being created in KaseyaOne.

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