Release notes - - 2023-11-22

New Features

  • Updated toast messages throughout the application

  • Set up Just In Time logic (automatically create new user in MyITprocess)

  • Updated company logo uploader

  • Updated picture uploader

  • Updated file uploader

  • Updated cards on home page

  • Updated Strategy Roadmap Recommendations

  • Updated Menu panel

  • Updated Create Meeting and Meeting Details cards

  • Updated Findings cards

  • Updated the widgets/cards on the home screen clickable

  • Updated Private Notes and Assets and Configurations cards

Fixed Issues

Fixed the following issues: 

  • Meetings/Recommendations: Update is now done on the font color for assets counter on Recommendation.

  • ND Pro: Data breach was not displayed in the PDF if it did not contain any data.

  • Setup Organizations: Sometimes 'Setup integrations' link and text were not displayed when there were no integrations and Organizations.

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