Release notes - - 2023-10-30

New Features

  • Show different module in dropdown menu after a module is added to agenda.
  • Edit reports modules.
  • Implement organizations mapping for Autotask and Datto RMM.
  • Add chart types for Autotask.
  • Add Bar chart for Completed Tickets Count by Ticket Type.
  • Sending update emails about change in the meeting agenda.
  • Removed +AddSummary button for Network Detective Pro and combined that reporting module under +AddReports.

Fixed Issues

Fixed the following issues: 

  • Strategy: Updated the icon for dragged item.
  • Strategy: Fixed the issue where sometimes recommendations were not displayed after switch in organization.
  • Fixed the issue where the Line chart was not displayed when all 'y' coordinates were zero.
  • Alignment: Fixed the issue where the tags were not displayed in the filter if tag was added only for Category that was used in Review.
  • Meeting Summary report: Updated the line chart to be with straight lines.
  • Meeting Summary report: Added paddings between charts, add charts shifting to new sheets.
  • Unified Report: Fixed the issue where the doughnut and gauge charts looked broken when close and then open Add reports dialog.
  • Reporting: Fixed the issue where the updated report was displayed only after the page was refreshed.
  • Reports: Fixed the issue where the charts were not displayed in PDFs.
  • Reports: Added loader while charts data loads.
  • Line Chart: Fixed the issue where two values per day were included in calculations.
  • Line Chart: Fixed the issue where unexpected values were displayed on the Y-axis when a fractional number was sent by K1.
  • Cleared the state for reports when switching between organizations.
  • Setup Organizations: Fixed the issue where the setup integrations link and text were not displayed when there were no integrations and Organizations.
  • Fixed the error in the Meeting PDF reports for Meetings with Nd Pro module were added when SSO integration was disabled.
  • Fixed the issue where Cannot read properties of undefined (reading 'selectedCategories') error appeared when opening the  Add Meeting dialog.
  • Fixed the issue where the data in reports did not change if the mapping was changed.

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