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Upgrading from VSA 9 to VSA 10

Welcome to the VSA Upgrade Guide! This guide is designed to help customers who are planning to upgrade from VSA 9 to VSA 10. We will walk you through the process step by step, providing all the information you need to ensure a smooth and successful upgrade.

Let's embark on this migration journey together, ensuring that your organization continues to benefit from the powerful IT management capabilities that Kaseya VSA offers. Follow each step carefully, and don't hesitate to seek assistance from Kaseya support or consult the official documentation if you encounter any challenges along the way.


We will cover: 



Section 1: Pre-Upgrade Preparation

Before starting the upgrade process, it is important to make sure you have completed the necessary preparations. Here are a few key steps to follow:

  1. Review the Release Notes: Take the time to carefully read the release notes for VSA 10. This will provide you with important information about new features, known issues, and any specific requirements for the upgrade process. Release Notes.
  2. Check System Requirements (On-prem Only): Ensure that your current system meets the minimum requirements for VSA 10. This may include hardware, software, and operating system specifications. If necessary, plan to upgrade any components that fall short of the requirements. VSA 10: On-Prem Installation Guide
    • Note: If you are SaaS/Cloud, we handle your account provisioning.
  3. Prep Your Team: Inform all VSA users of the upcoming upgrade. We recommend they review the fundamentals course available at Kaseya University as part of your subscription. You can provide access to the course via the admin console on Kaseya One. Review the documentation to assign courses here.
  4. Additional Consideration: Kaseya VSA X operates seamlessly alongside your existing VSA 9 instance, facilitating a smooth upgrade process with minimal downtime. (Statement no policy will get auto-assigned on your VSA 10) Our user-friendly upgrade wizard simplifies the migration, and transfer of Organizations, machine groups, Agents, and Agent procedures.


Section 2: Upgrade Process

Let's dive into the upgrade process itself. Follow these steps to upgrade from VSA 9 to VSA 10:

  1. Find the "Magic Link": It should have been provided by our team via email. This link will allow you to log into your VSA 10 tenant. Once your initial account is created, you will be presented with the VSA 9 upgrade wizard.
  2. Run the Upgrade Wizard: How to run the upgrade wizard

Note: Certain configurations, including Software Management, Monitoring, Policies, Info Center, and Discovery, will currently require re-creation in VSA 10 using our provided sample configuration.


Section 3: Post-Upgrade Considerations

Congratulations on successfully upgrading to VSA 10! However, there are a few additional considerations to keep in mind:

  1. Set a date to decommission VSA 9: Once you have completed the initial wizard and you have taken a few weeks to get your VSA 10 ready for production, please notify our team of a date to decommission your VSA 9.
  2. Uninstall VSA 9 Agent: We recommend you do this via VSA 9. You can also do this via VSA 10 if needed.
    • Please review the following guide to uninstall VSA 9 agents: NEED GUIDE

By following this upgrade guide, you should be well-equipped to successfully transition from VSA 9 to VSA 10. If you encounter any difficulties or have specific questions, do not hesitate to reach out to our support team or your account rep.


Training and Education Resources

Kaseya University:

Kaseya Certified Technician for VSA 10: View Training Course  (For access, you will need to be authenticated into K1.)

Tech Jams:

  1. An Introduction to Kaseya VSA X: New Features, Innovations, and Enhanced Capabilities
  2. Automation Module:  Automation Unleashed: Harness the Power of Kaseya VSA X’s Automation Module  
  3. Policies Module: VSA Tech Jam - Deep Dive into Policies
  4. VSA X -How to Videos 

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