Planned VSA 10 Infrastructure Update – November 11th, 2023

Kaseya is planning a major infrastructure upgrade on Saturday, November 11th, 2023, between 6.30am and 2.30pm Eastern Standard Time, which will affect all VSA 10 SaaS instances hosted in our North American data centers.

All application functionality may be unavailable or disrupted during the maintenance window, including:

  • Access to the Web Application.
  • Remote Control of managed endpoints.
  • Execution of scheduled tasks such as patch deployments or automations.
  • Notifications and alerts.
  • IT Complete integrations.
  • 3rd-party integrations and API access.

Note: the IP address of your server host may change because of this maintenance, but it will still be from the existing Kaseya Cloud IP range. Customers who manage endpoints with restricted internet access should check this KB article to ensure that all listed networks are whitelisted to ensure continued connectivity after the upgrade is completed.

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