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IT Glue Release Notes - V1.118.20 - 2023-09-29

New Features

Fixed Issues

  • Fixed the issue where the List View options icon was hidden behind the Matched Passwords button.
  • Fixed the issue where an organization's password list view was cached from another organization's password list view.
  • Fixed the issue where tooltip was incorrectly displayed or missing on the Password Rotation table. 
  • Fixed the issue where the copy of default rule on the Ticket Settings page was removed if it had the same name as the default rule.
  • Fixed the issue where incorrect modal title was displayed for the edit Autotask ticket rule flow.
  • Fixed the issue where the render loop starts when quickly opening configurations with several connected integrations.
  • Fixed the issue where accessing the Network Glue page displayed a blank page.
  • Fixed the issue in the Global List page where the user was able to filter by locations belonging to the organizations to which they do not have access.
  • Fixed the error displayed when filtering groups with no users.
  • Fixed the issue in the document list view where the .vsdx and .vsdm Visio documents were downloaded as zip files.

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