09/27/2023 - Dark Web ID v2.26.00

This release includes new features. 

New Features

  • For a better user experience, the DarkWeb ID User Guides section has been added to the Help icon. The hyperlink will take you directly to the Kaseya DarkWeb ID helpdesk.

Here is a quick look for you:


  • The application implemented a strong password policy for the account for better security. Once you log into the  DarkWeb ID, you can create a new password based on password criteria. 

Note: Ensure all criteria are met before saving, or the application displays an error message. 


  • The Active User Filter feature has been enabled on the Organizations dashboard page. This feature is available for partners or admin users. Using filters functionality, you can now Add or Remove the Directory of an organization entries from the table. For more information, refer to the Active User Filtering feature guide.  



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