AAOP: Exports from Password Server

AuthAnvil On-Premises Password Server has the ability to export Passwords & Vaults. 

This feature is only available to AAOP Administrators. 


  1. Log into your AuthAnvil Password Server via https://(FQDN)/AAPS/
  2. Select Admin.
  3. Select Admin Tools from the dropdown menu
  4. Select Bulk Password Export.
  5. Select Export Passwords

You will notice a banner advising the Export is started. The Admin user will receive an email with a secure download link via the email address used for their user account. 

Note: you cannot change the destination of the export notice unless you update the users email address before the export. 
Once the export link is sent the Admin user will be able to download the passwords in clear text. Kaseya suggests using password protection on the file and store securely. 

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