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09/28/2023 BullPhish ID Release Notes v2.87

New Features

Automated User Reports

Now partner administrators, partner agents, and privileged users can automatically generate and deliver user reports for an SMB organization. Automated user reports are available for the modules (Training, Phishing) for which the organization has a BullPhish ID subscription.

Automated user report functionality is accessed on the Automate Report page. More information is provided in the next section, Automate Report page redesign.

Automate Report page redesign

The Automate Report page has been redesigned. On the Schedule tab, fields have been rearranged and the Time Zone field has been added. Reports are generated between 00:00 AM and 11:59 PM in the selected Time Zone for the selected Frequency (explained below).
In the Report Types section, you select the reports you want to automate. You can choose to automate Business Reports, User Reports, or both.

A Frequency is required for each report type. The selected Frequency determines the time period for which data is collected and included in the report.

The Report Type column on the History tab now displays the type of report(s) created for each automated report. The Recipients column identifies the number of recipients to whom the report is sent. Hovering over the number displays each recipient’s email address. 

Note: The user report notification email that is automatically sent to the specified recipients is similar to the business report email. The email reminds recipients to review the report and conveys the report download deadline date. Additionally, the email language is customized based on report frequency. 

For more information about Automated User Reports and the Automate Report page, see the article Chapter 8.3: Automate business reports and user reports.


Updated training course email invitation

The format and content of the training course email invitation has been updated. The old version and new version are displayed below.

Old version

New version


Issue 1:

When using the Associated Organization filter, if the organization selected in the filter was subsequently deleted, a 403 Forbidden error occurred on the page for which the filter was being used. This issue occurred on any page (e.g. View All Training Campaigns page, Targets page, etc.) for which the Associated Organization filter was used.

In this example, the View All Campaigns page displays only training campaigns for Organization 1 and FilterOrg, as selected in the Associated Organization filter. 

If one of the organizations were to be deleted, FilterOrg for example, when displaying the View All Campaigns page again (with the same organizations selected in Associated Organization filter), the 403 Forbidden error would occur. 





Now, if an organization selected in the Associated Organization filter is subsequently deleted, the 403 Forbidden error does not occur when displaying the applicable page. 

In this example, the View All Campaigns page displays only training campaigns for TestOrg, as selected in the Associated Organization filter. 

When the organization TestOrg is deleted, TestOrg results are removed from the View All Campaigns page.

Note: The deleted organization still appears in the Associated Organization filter. You can click the X to close the filter. Or, refresh the page in approximately 10 minutes and the filter will be removed.

Issue 2: 

When resending a training campaign email, if the campaign included a Sending Profile that had been previously deleted and replaced, the email would fail to be sent.


Now, when resending a training campaign email that includes a deleted and replaced Sending Profile, the email is sent successfully. The campaign’s Details page shows the name of the profile that was deleted, the date and time it was replaced, and the name of the current profile. 

The User Training Log indicates the date and time for which the training email was resent. 


New/updated phishing kits

New and updated phishing kits are now available. Each is listed below along with an image of its email template and landing page.

  • Apple National Security Department (new) 

  • Microsoft Teams: Message Available v2 (updated)

  • UPS - Package Delivered v2 (updated) 

  • UPS - Package Delivered v3 (updated)

  • Zoom Missed Call (updated) 

  • Bank of America account suspended (new) 



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