09/19/2023 BullPhish ID Release Notes v2.86.01 - Hot Fix

Duplication of campaigns due to recalculation of statistics

Some organizations have randomly experienced an issue where statistics were recalculated for the same phishing or training campaigns. This resulted in campaigns being duplicated on the applicable "View All" page or videos appearing twice in the training portal.

When you created a campaign, it may have been displayed twice. The second campaign was a mirror image of the original campaign, except the statistics of each campaign differed.  

In this example, the highlighted training campaign was displayed as a duplicate on the View All Training Campaigns page. Deleting the duplicate would also delete the original campaign.

Hot Fix 1.png

In this training portal example for a particular target, each course appears as an open course and as a completed course.

Hot Fix 2.png

This issue has been resolved. All duplicate campaigns and videos have been deleted. The valid videos will appear with the correct Status (i.e. Open, Completed/Expired) in the training portal. 


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