Customer Portal & Broker Service Down Issue - Sept. 2023

Recently, there was an issue with DNS resolution to the Authanvil On-Premises Licensing Server. Unfortunately, if the AuthAnvil On-Premises Server cannot reach the Licensing Server for an extended period of time, it will go into lockdown mode.

We have made corrective DNS changes to resolve the outstanding issues and they are propagating globally.  While most DNS regions are now resolving properly, it can take up to 24 hours for all DNS servers globally to receive the update.

If your AuthAnvil On-Premises Server has locked down, you can take the following actions to re-enable it:

The AuthAnvil Licensing Service URL is Please check that you can resolve this URL from the AuthAnvil server directly. As soon as the service can connect securely the issue will be resolved.

Auth Manger

If your Auth Server can securely connect to the broker service, you will be able to log into the Auth Manager and cancel the lockdown.

  • For the Auth Manager you will need to use the Master Admin password to regain access.
  • If you know your Master Admin password log into your Auth Manager via https://(FQDN)/AuthAvil/Manager/ as an administrator. You will be prompted to enter the Master admin password to cancel the lockdown.
  • Once you cancel lockdown, reset IIS and test logins again within 2-5 minutes they should be back online.
  • If you do not know your Master Admin Password, please contact support so that we can assist you resetting that Password.
  • If you are not familiar with your Master Admin password this KB will show how it is used in PowerShell

Password Server

  • For Password Server, please log directly into https://(FQDN)/AAPS/ and enter your Admin contact & subscription Key. This will allow you to cancel the  lockdown.

Note: The Admin contact or Technical contact will need to retrieve the subscription key by logging into

Please let our Support team know if you still seeing issues accessing the customer portal via once the broker service is accessible from the AuthAnvil Server. 


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