Unified Kaseya University FAQ

We are excited to roll out a new, combined Kaseya University to all Kaseya and Datto customers!

To access the new KU:

For legacy Datto customers, here’s what to know:

You will continue to access your learning through the Datto Partner Portal, as you do today. If you also have a KaseyaOne account, you can access it from there as well.

The new learner experience will include:

  • Updated Kaseya University branding and look and feel.
  • Improved organization and navigation, to quickly determine what’s available and where to start.
  • A customized learning experience, showing just the courses relevant to the modules your company uses, both Kaseya and Datto.
  • New naming for Datto product certification programs, as follows:
Current name New name
Datto Certified Practitioner Kaseya Certified Technician (KCT)
Datto Certified Deployment Specialist Kaseya Certified Administrator (KCA)
Datto Certified Advanced Technician Kaseya Certified Expert (KCE)
Certifications achieved under the legacy Datto names will remain valid for 2 years from the date of achievement. Upon recertification, your new achievement will reflect the new program name.


For legacy Kaseya customers, here’s what to know:

If you have logged into Kaseya University in the last 12 months, your account, achievements, and course assignments will be migrated to the new Kaseya University platform.

Access to Kaseya University will be via SSO only, from KaseyaOne or the Datto Partner Portal. There will no longer be a login page and credentials access option. Your account manager can request your free KaseyaOne or Datto Partner Portal account.

Expect a modernized learner experience with improved navigation and functionality, and all courses for your Datto and Kaseya stack available in one place.


Diplomasafe digital credentialing will be rolled out for all Kaseya certifications achieved within the past 12 months and those achieved going forward. Diplomasafe is a free, optional service that allows for easy sharing and verification of credentials on social media.


  1. Communication was sent previously about some Datto certifications converting to a paid model. Which ones, and when?
    • The higher two levels of self-paced Datto product certification, Certified Administrator and Certified Expert, will become paid programs on 4/1/2024 to align with the Kaseya certification framework. 
    • We are committed to always offering a large variety of free self-paced and virtual instructor-led training options to set you up for success. Only a small portion of our overall training offerings will convert to paid programs. The Kaseya Certified Technician level of certifications will remain free as well, so all of your team members can get credentialed in the products they use, free of charge.
    • There is no cost or limit to the team members who can have Kaseya University accounts. Kaseya University accounts and free course access will never expire and will remain accessible as long as the learner is employed by a Kaseya customer.
  2. If I have both a Datto Partner Portal and a KaseyaOne account, which should I use for Kaseya University access?
    • Use whichever is most convenient and makes sense for you and your team. The access is the same – two “doors” to the same learning platform.
  3. I currently log into Kaseya University from the login page with credentials. What do I need to do to ensure access to the new platform?
    • Ask your account manager to request your free KaseyaOne or Datto Partner Portal account so you can seamlessly transition to SSO access.
  4. I currently log into Datto Academy via the Datto Partner Portal or Kaseya University via KaseyaOne. Do I need to do anything to ensure access to the new platform?
    • No, you’re all set, provided you’ve logged in within the last 12 months. You’ll continue to use your existing SSO access.
  5. I was given a code to activate self-paced certification access and I haven’t yet done so. Will my code work in the new Kaseya University?

    • No, the code will not work after October 11, 2023. If you’re ready to start the 90-day certification program access now, you can activate the code before October 11 and the program will be accessible in the new University. If you’re not yet ready to start, please email university@kaseya.com and provide the code and program name and we will provide an updated process to redeem.

  6. Some of my activity is missing from my account?
    • We are still in the process of migrating the latest activity for all of our learners. If you do not see your latest activity within a week of the migration (October 11, 2023), please reach out to university@kaseya.com and our team would be happy to assist you.
  7. What is the difference between My Courses and Catalog within Kaseya University?
    • My Courses will display any courses you have clicked on to enroll yourself in within the university. This does not happen automatically unless done by a member of the Kaseya University Team in the backend upon request.
    • The Catalog will display all available courses that you can enroll in within the university. Courses in the catalog will be available based on your active subscriptions with Kaseya.

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