IT Glue Release Notes - V1.118.17 - 2023-08-18

New Features

  • Added an option to include or exclude archived assets from existing and new workflow rules. For more information, see Configure the trigger section in Quick guide for workflows.
  • Administrators and Managers can now trigger a manual sync on Datto SaaS Protection once every 6 hours. This is on top of the automatic sync, which occurs once every 24 hours.

Fixed Issues

Fixed an issue where Windows 11 version of the Operating System were mislabeled in IT Glue with Kaseya VSA and Autotask integrations. 

Fixed the issue of partial failure of full organization manual and scheduled runbooks.

Fixed Timed OTP passcode issue affecting a few GlueConnect customers.

Fixed few issues related to flexible assets for GlueConnect customers.

Fixed a minor UI issue in the BMS Ticketing window.

Fixed an error 500 issue for some customers who setup the Datto SaaS Protection integration.

Other bug fixes that should make improvements to the customer experience in IT Glue.


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