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How to enroll a device using MDM?

General Steps:

  1. Create a Connector in VSA and Apple Portal Certificate.
  2. Enroll a Device (MDM).
  3. Install Agent and Register (macOS only).

Create a Connector

Go to Integrations -> Connectors and Click on Create Connector.


Select the Organization this connector will belong to, Download CSR File and go to the Apple Portal:


Your browser should open the Apple website and ask you for an Apple ID to create the certificate.

Enter your Apple ID, allow the connection, and enter the provided 6-digit code in the prompt.


Click Create a Certificate.


In the “Vendor-Signed Certificate Signing Request”, click Choose and browse for the CSR File (downloaded from VSA X) and Click “Upload”.


Download Certificate:


Go back to the VSA 10 console, and in Step 3 of Creating the connector drag the downloaded certificate from the Apple Portal.


And finally, confirm the Apple ID used to create the certificate and Click on Create.


Enroll a Device

Go to Systems -> MDM Enrollment.

In the Context Section, select the Organization, Site Name, and Agent Group where the device will

reside in VSA X.

In Enroll Path, Select enrollment method: QR Code or USB.

If QR Code:


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