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08/14/2023 BullPhish ID Release Notes v2.84

Documentation updates

Directory sync guides updated

In the Add Directory Sync modal, the Where do I find this? link opens the updated integration guide for the Directory Type selected. Each guide includes the steps for performing the integration. For example, selecting Azure as the Directory Type and clicking Where do I find this? opens the guide Chapter 7.3.1: Integrating with Azure Active Directory.


New article: BullPhish ID user roles

Chapter 1.1 BullPhish ID user roles is a new article that identifies the BullPhish ID user roles that can be assigned to employees of MSP and SMB organizations. In addition, the user permissions granted for each role are described.

Training courses update

New training courses are now available in the Training portal. For the courses available in different languages, see the table that follows the course descriptions.

  • The Dangers of Password Sharing: Learn why password sharing is a bad idea and a fast path to a data breach or cyberattack for your organization.
    course 3.png
  • The Basics of Multi-Factor Authentication: In this course, Multi-Factor Authentication is examined and the benefits of implementing it are described.
    course 1.png
  • Introduction to Phishing (updated version): In this course, you’ll examine the components of phishing and its various attack types and learn the steps to take if you suspect you have received a phishing email.
    course 2.png

Course names:

English course name Spanish course name French course name Portuguese course name German course name Dutch course

The Dangers of Password Sharing (English version previously published)


Los peligros de divulgar contraseñas VO




Les dangers liés au partage des mots de passe VO



O risco de compartilhar senhas VO





Gefahren beim Teilen von Kennwörtern





Gevaren van delen
van wachtwoorden






The Basics of Multi-Factor Authentication (English version previously published)





Aspectos Básicos de la Autenticación Multifactor VO






Les Bases de L’authentification Multifactorielle VO







Os Fundamentos da Autenticação Multifactor VO






Die Grundlagen der Multi-Faktor-Authentifizierung








De Belangrijkste Principes van Multifactorauthenticatie








Introduction to Phishing


Introducción al Phishing VO

Introduction а́ L’hameçonnage VO

Introdução ao Phishing VO

Einführung in Phishing


Inleiding tot Phishing




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