08/04/2023 - Dark Web ID v2.22.00

This release includes new features, enhancements, and fixes.

New Features

  • A new KaseyaOne tab for partner administrators has been added to the My Organization menu. This feature is the central hub for all KaseyaOne-related portfolios, which is technically integrated. 

    • Go to My Account > My Organization > KaseyaOne.


    • Enable Log In with KaseyaOne: Enable the unified Single Sign-on option to access all your KaseyaOne features from a unique location. For more information, click Learn More and look at the General portal setup (kaseya.com).



  • Improved performance of partner-specific pages specifically for partners with numerous organizations.


  • The daily notification emails' improper behavior with the partner logo has been fixed. When a partner sends a daily notification email to partner users, the default DarkWeb ID logo is uploaded and printed on the top left corner rather than the partner-branded logo. 

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