Datto RMM Web Remote Launcher in IT Glue


Use this article to know about Datto RMM Device Web Remote feature that allows IT Glue troubleshooting professionals to resolve an issue with a configuration directly from IT Glue, by temporarily taking over that device.

Note: If you are not currently logged in to Datto RMM, please note that you will be directed to the login screen before you can proceed to the device's web remote window.

Once you've logged in, please be aware that on-device access permissions will be applied when attempting to remote into the device.


  • Manager, Administrator, Editor, or Creator level access to IT Glue.
  • Requires IT Glue configurations that are successfully mapped and synced with Datto RMM, after setting up the Datto RMM integration.
  • The user must have permission to see the configuration in IT Glue and to see the Datto RMM configuration overlaid data on that device (Windows or macOS devices).


You can remote access to a device synced with Datto RMM from the IT Glue configuration by clicking the Web Remote button. A new browser window will be opened and through which you can initiate the web remote session to the device.


Note: The Web Remote button will be visible in the configuration only for devices that are online and which supports this feature. It will not be visible for devices that do not support this feature.

Tip - If you're experiencing an issue with the feature, here is a helpful tip: Try authenticating from the device page in Datto RMM first instead of from IT Glue web remote. This should resolve any problems when using IT Glue on the web remote.

For more information, see this link.

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