Chapter 7.3.6: Editing or deleting a directory sync

BullPhish ID provides options for editing an existing directory sync:

  • The Directory Sync Preference configuration can be changed. (This configuration is not available for IT Glue).
  • An existing directory sync can be deleted.
  • For a Microsoft Entra ID directory sync, the Client Secret can be edited in BullPhish ID.¬†

To edit or delete a directory sync:

  1. Log into BullPhish ID.
  2. In the navigation menu, select Targets & Groups > Directories.
  3. For the desired organization, click the edit icon.
  4. In the upper-right corner, click Directory Settings.

  5. If editing a Microsoft Entra ID directory sync and you want to edit the Client Secret field:
    a. In Microsoft Entra ID, select App registrations.
    b. On the All applications tab, click the application for which you want to create a new client secret.
    Edit 7.png
    c. In the navigation pane, select Certificates & secrets.
    d. On the Client secrets tab, if desired, delete the current client secret by clicking the Delete icon.
    Edit 2.png
    e. Click + New client secret.
    Edit 3.png
    f. In the Add a client secret modal, in the Description field, enter a client secret description.
    g. In the Expires list, choose when the secret should expire.
    Edit 4.png
    h. In the lower-left corner of the modal, click the Add button.
    i. Copy the Value field from the client secret you just created.
    Edit 5.png
    j. In the Directory Settings modal (in BullPhish ID), in the Client Secret field, paste the secret value.
    Edit 6.png
  6. If desired, select a different Directory Sync Preference option.
    Dir sync Azure.png

  7. To delete a directory sync, click Remove Directory sync.
    Remove dir sync.png
    In the confirmation modal, click Delete.
  8. Click Save.
Revision Date
Steps 6 & 7: Updated Directory Sync Pref screenshot. 12/4/23
Global: Changed Microsoft Azure to Microsoft Entra ID. 12/14/23

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