Deploy RocketCyber Agent Using Datto RMM

First, a few notes about the deployment script:

  1. The script first checks to see if the agent is already installed before performing an install.
  2. If the script does not detect an installed agent, it will download the agent installer package to the local machine and execute it.

Deployment Steps for Datto RMM:

1. Log on to the RocketCyber console, from the left-hand navigation menu click on All Organizations.


 2. Copy the license key for the organization you are deploying agents to.


3. Log on to the Datto RMM, navigate to the desired site and click the Settings Tab.


4. Scroll down to the Variables section and set the Name field to "usrRCSerialSITE". Then paste the license key copied in Step 2 in the Value field.


5. Scroll to the bottom and click Save and OK to save the changes to the site.

NOTE: Repeat Steps 2 - 5 for other sites with the corresponding license keys in RocketCyber if you are deploying agents to additional organizations.


6. Navigate to Jobs under the Automation subsection.


7. Click the Create Job button in the top right.

8. Enter a job name.


9. Click Add Component to open the Component search box.


10. Search for "RocketCyber" in the ComStore,  Add the RocketCyber Agent [Win] component.

NOTE: If you have already added this component, it will be found in the Component Library tab.


11. Select the appropriate region.


12. Add the target devices you would like to install the RocketCyber agent on.


13. Set any remaining settings to your preference, and click Create Job to execute the agent deployment on the targeted devices.

14. Validate agent installation was successful by navigating to the Completed tab in the Jobs section. Select the Job and view the StdOut or StdErr result.


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