TLS deprecation at AWS / Remote Data Collection not working



On June 28, 2023, to improve security for all users, Amazon Web Services (AWS) will shut off API and download access for any TLS protocol below version 1.2. 


For most RapidFire Tools customers, there is nothing you need to do, as all of our software is designed to automatically update prior to running. However, we have detected approximately 100 (fewer than 1/10th of one percent) of data collectors, appliances, and agents worldwide that are not able to automatically update themselves and are still communicating back to our servers at AWS using older TLS protocols.  


If one of these components is running on your systems, you will need to manually update them to the latest version by uninstalling and reinstalling them.
If one of these components is running on older versions of Windows you will need to reinstall them on Windows Server versions later than 2008 R2 or Windows PC versions later than Windows 7. 

If you are still having issues with your collector after making the recommended changes please contact RapidFire Tools Support for further assistance.

678-323-1300 option 1

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