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Passly 7.4.3 - Release Notes

Date June 6th 2023

This release includes new features, terminology changes and defect fixes.

New Features

Password Manager

  1. Password Server is now Password Manager. To reduce the confusion in the user interface we renamed Password Server to Password Manager. This helps align with the other Passly sections like Directory Manager / Auth Manager etc.

  2. Permissions Adjustment. In Vault Access tab we adjusted Delete Permission: it's now standalone permission and can be independently selected:
  3. New Tooltips. In Vault Access tab we add tooltips that describe each Permission:
  4. User experience improvement. We improved Vault and Password tables: now ID columns are called "Vault ID" and "Password ID" and you can search these IDs.
  5. Password Exports change. The Password Manager exports have been improved so that the Export file now have additional information. The export now displays the following:
    - Vault ID.
    - Vault Name.
    - Password ID.

SSO Manager

Office 365

  1. For new apps we blocked an ability to federate domains using MSOL in federation tab due to sooner deprecation. Users should use Graph API to federate domains:

  2. Principal Name Suffix change. The ability to use an organization with a principal name suffix is designed to only be used when a single domain is federated.  In this release we have updated the user interface so that the ability to use the “Principal Name with Org Suffix“ option when multiple domains are federated display a warning message to Organization Edit form to reflect this change.

Authenticator Enrollment

When a user enrolls in Passly they will no longer see an option to use the legacy "Windows Desktop Authenticator.

As such we removed "Windows Desktop (Requires Windows 8 and or higher)" option, because it is now retired from support.

Terminology Changes

To comply with general Kaseya Recommendations we changed the following terminology:

  1. "One-Time Password" to "Authentication Code":
  2. User state from "Disabled" to "Inactive".
  3. "My Settings" to "Settings".

Defect fixes

Directory Manager

  1. In Roles section when Customer adds Groups to the Role we added information in brackets about Organization, so Customer can identify which group belong to what Organization:
  2. For AUSI Agent we added name uniqueness, agent names must be unique within one organization. If Customer will try to create a duplicate, he will see this error:

Password Manager

  1. In My Password search there was a limitation on minimum 3 characters. We adjusted search function and now Customer can search by 1 symbol.
  2. We had an issue when Customer was logging out of Password Server page it redirected to blank page. Now it's fixed.
  3. Previously we got an issue with Default Password Policy. Now we fixed it and Individual and Shared Vaults have the same Default Password Policy from Password Policy section.

Auth Manager

We updated text for WLA Agent to match the current experience and now it's say:

Policy Manager

  1. We adjusted wordings under Authentication Policy: now criteria are called "is/is within range of" and "is not/is not within range of":
  2. Previously Customer saw a blank screen when selecting "IF User has attributes" and "Sign In time" options. We fixed all of it and now he is able to specify all values:

SSO Manager

  1. In Office 365 integration Passly distribution groups weren't merged with already created groups in Azure AD after AUSI agent created invalid attribute. Now it's fixed and groups are merged with correct name attribute.
  2. In Office 365 integration groups with the old name weren't renamed in Azure AD when the group name was changed in Passly using AUSI agent, but a new ones were created. Now it's fixed and group name are changed w/o creating a new group.

License Manager

Previously, Customer saw a blank screen when sorting and clicking 'Edit' license. Now he is able to set up allocate seats:

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