Release Notes - - 2023-04-11

Fixed Issues

Fixed the issue where there was no password length validation on the UI when resetting the password.
Fixed the issue where the End field value was always set on 30 minutes forward from the start time after opening the Create Meeting form.
Fixed the issue of a blank page being displayed after refreshing the Create myITprocess provider page.
Fixed the issue in Strategy where unexpected items were displayed on the Alignment score graph.
Fixed the issue where the main application token was not removed while opening the login page with the parameter "needToCleanToken=true".
Fixed the issue in meetings where wrong time slots were displayed in the dropdown.
Fixed the issue where there was no validation when a password was created with the space at the beginning or at the end.
Fixed the issue of endless loading of the MITP login page when logging in via K1 in a separate tab.

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