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May 02, 2023

The May 2, 2023 release contains the following fixes and additions:



  • On the create incident suppression page, fixed an issue where the remove button would be highlighted when double clicked.
  • Removed the collapsible toggle state on the search widget. 
  • On the incident suppression table page, fixed an issue where the wrong error would be displayed when adding incompatible filters. 
  • Fixed an issue on billing page where some users were not seeing text. 
  • Minor layout changes on the Agent Details page:
    • Moved the property last seen information to the main data area.
    • Added the property first seen information to the main data area.
    • Removed the bar immediately below the device name.


  • Fixed a memory leak in file hashing.
  • Fixed a memory leak when traversing the host filesystem.
  • Added Windows support to enumerate processes
  • Fixed a Windows BSOD on Windows 10 Desktop Editions.
  • Added telemetry statistics to Cyber Terrorist Monitor Application.


Agent Versions

MacOS: Agent Version v1.0 "Release" Build(22198)
Linux: Agent Version v1.0 "Release" Build(22199)
Windows: Agent Version v1.5 "Release" Build(22525)

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