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Getting started with VSA 10 Mobile remote control


About VSA 10 Remote Control


Remote Control enables you to connect to all your monitored Windows systems and control any remote or console session. Connecting to the console session will allow you to take control of the computer as if you were sitting in front of it. On the other hand, if you connect to a Remote Desktop session you can assist users that are making use of the server resources through Remote Desktop (formerly known as Terminal Services). Also, while are you connected to the remote system you will be able to transfer files from and to the system to which are you connected.


Enabling Remote Control on your systems

Open up the VSA 10 Manager on the system you wish to enable Remote Desktop access on.



Click the “System” tab, and the click the “Remote Control” sub-tab.



Tick the “Enable Remote Control” check box. And then click “Apply” button at the
bottom of the agent to save the settings.



Once this option is enabled then you will be able to access your monitored system from your mobile device using Remote control option which is available from the Systems view when the system is selected



If there are more than one user currently logged on that system, then you will see all these sessions listed as available in the following screenshot.





Note: right-click is equals to tap with two fingers.


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