Introduction to Custom Fields


Enhance Your Automation with Custom Fields


After the release of Automation Workflows, we are excited to introduce Custom Fields, which allows you to use custom fields in your workflow condition rules to create more robust execution paths. On top of that, it is now possible to update custom field values with the new Change Custom Field Value action.


Here are the steps for a sample Flow for creating a Custom field and populating the same by creating a Script and Task.

Step 1 : Create a Custom field in the "Automation -> Custom Fields" path.

In the screenshot below, the "Context = System" implies that the Custom field captures values on a System level.



Step 2 : The next step is to create a Script to populate the value of the Custom field.





Please ensure to click on "Insert Output Variable Code" and select the Output variable. This will automatically populate one line of code that assigns the output of the code to the output variable (and thus the Custom field).



Step 3 : Now, create a Task to run this Script.





Step 4 : Run this Task to populate the Custom fields.





You can see the Status of the Task on the Execution History tab.



You can view the value of the Custom Field for each System in the "Systems" module.




Step 5 : You can also create an exclusive Report on the values of this Custom Field for all Systems -







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