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Integrating Datto SaaS Protection in IT Glue


Please use this knowledge base article as your guide on setting up the Datto SaaS Integration in IT Glue.

Datto SaaS Protection is a powerful backup and business continuity service that stores Microsoft 365 and Google Workspace activity instances. Integrating with Datto SaaS Protection, IT Glue users will see summarized information – per IT Glue organization – for backups performed by Datto SaaS Protection. Below are the services backed up per product:

Google Workspace Microsoft 365
Google Drive  OneDrive
Google Shared Drive  SharePoint
Gmail Microsoft Exchange 
Note: In some parts of Datto Saas Protection, this service is also called “Shared Mailbox” 
Google Contacts  Microsoft Teams 
Google Calendar   

Datto SaaS Protection Card in IT Glue

A new Datto SaaS Protection card will appear on the organization's home page once the integration is set up.


Note: The protected seat value only covers active seats. Archived seats are not reflected in the organization's Datto SaaS Protection card.

Since the sync occurs once every 24 hours, there might be moments where there are mismatched values between the information reflected in IT Glue and the information reflected in Datto SaaS Protection.


  • An existing Datto SaaS Protection subscription
  • Datto Partner Portal setup.
    Note: You will require your Datto BCDR API credentials for this integration.
  • Administrator or Manager-level access to IT Glue to be able to set up the new Datto SaaS Protection integration.

Important Note: Manual sync is restricted to once every 6 hours. An automatic sync occurs once every 24 hours, regardless of whether a manual sync was triggered or not. You can review the frequency of the sync via the logs for this integration.



  1. Log in to IT Glue and navigate to Account > Integrations. Then, click on the green + New button and then on the Datto SaaS Protection icon.
  2. Enter the REST API Public Key into the Datto SaaS Protection API Public Key field and the REST API Secret Key into the API KeyDatto SaaS Protection API Secret Key field and click on the Connect button.

    Important note: If you have an active Datto BCDR integration, you can use the option of reusing your Datto REST API credentials to setup Datto SaaS Protection.

  3. Select Sync Datto SaaS Protection backup information to sync and pull existing SaaS Protection configurations into IT Glue.
  4. Datto SaaS Protection “clients” are matched to IT Glue organizations. The matching logic works based on the name – the IT Glue organization name must match exactly with the Datto SaaS Protection client name. If there are discrepancies in the names of the organizations, the unmatched organizations will live under the “Unmatched” section.
  5. Select any of the following to be done with the suggested matches for the organization
    • Leave for Review
    • Accept All Automatically
      There will only be one sync every 24 hours. This sync is automated.

Organization Matching

IT Glue discovers organizations and configurations and tries to match them to data in your account. Anything that is not automatically matched will need to be manually actioned. For Datto SaaS Protection, we will be matching based on the name of the organization in IT Glue and the organization name (formerly, client name) in Datto SaaS Protection.

  1. From the Account Integrations screen, click on Actions > Matching.
  2. In the Unmatched tab, review the unmatched organizations.
    1. If you're happy with a suggested match, click Accept Suggested Match to accept it.

    2. If there is no suggested match, or it is incorrect, you can search for and choose a different organization using the Match To field.

    3. If no organization exists in IT Glue, you can choose to create an organization. You can also ignore groups, meaning they won't count as unmatched items in subsequent syncs.
      Warning: Before creating a new Organization from the matching screen, ensure that no corresponding IT Glue Organization already exists; otherwise, a duplicate Organization will be created.

  3. If any matches are incorrect, click Actions > Change Match and select a different organization to match to.
  4. In the Integrations page, the sync will be automatically queued. By default, newly queued syncs are scheduled one hour later. To start the sync immediately, click Actions > Start Manual Sync.
  5. When the sync is complete, the Status column changes from Syncing... to OK.

Resolving missing Organizations in the Datto SaaS Protection Integration 

If you are not seeing Datto SaaS Protection Organizations when setting up the new integration in IT Glue, to resolve this by heading to Datto Partner Portal and manually linking the Organization to SaaS Protection Services, as shown in the screenshot below: 


Once the missing Organization is linked to the tenant in the Datto Partner Portal, and an automatic or manual sync is completed in IT Glue, the Organization will show up in your IT Glue instance’s Matching screen for the Datto SaaS Protection integration. 

Datto SaaS Protection Matching Logic

IT Glue discovers the organizations in Datto SaaS Protection and tries to match them to the data in your account based on the following logic:

Rule Matches On (in Datto SaaS Protection)
Organization Name Organization Name


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